How to track your productivity with these awesome productivity tools

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Now Playing – Google Now Now – Google is launching a new service that lets you keep up with your Google Now schedule in real-time.

Now Play – Apple Watch – You can now sync your Apple Watch activity to your Google Calendar for instant notifications, with support for a variety of third-party apps.

Now Watch – Google Calendar – The Google Calendar app will also show up in the Google Now calendar.

Now WATCH – Apple TV – The Apple TV app can now add Google Now to its settings menu.

NowWatch – Samsung Gear VR – The Samsung GearVR app will show up as a Google Now app in your settings.

Now – Amazon Alexa – The Amazon Alexa app will now show up with a Google Play app icon on your device.


Now Now Now Watch.

NowNow Watch.

Now Watch Now Watch Now Now.

Now Now Watch now.


NowWatch now.

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