How Walmart’s new HR head will help its top managers survive the coming HR storm

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Walmart has hired a human resources manager to help its leaders prepare for the looming arrival of the human resources crisis.

Walmart’s HR director, John P. Schuster, has been in charge of hiring, training and developing a new team of human resources professionals in an effort to reduce the number of employees and their workloads in the retail giant’s global operations.

Schuster, who previously worked at Walmart’s retail operations and human resources for three years, is expected to have a hand in the next few months in building up the team, including its leadership team.

Walter Block, the former chief human resources officer at Whole Foods, has previously been in a position to lead a human resource department, but he’s taking on a new role.

Walmarts senior vice president of human capital, John Schuster says the company will have to rethink its approach to HR, a big part of which is the need to cut down on the number and complexity of the job descriptions, according to The Verge.

Schusters hiring has come as Walmart is battling with the introduction of an entirely new system of human resource and a slew of lawsuits.

In May, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an injunction ordering Walmart to change the way it handles employee employment.

The injunction was issued after a lawsuit filed by labor unions and others against Walmart alleged the retailer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

In June, Walmart settled a lawsuit with a class of workers, agreeing to pay more than $200 million in penalties.

Walmart had already paid $11 million to settle an alleged wrongful termination lawsuit against it in February.


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