‘It’s not just a matter of having a good HR plan’

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By John O’Donnell, The Irish Star (Dublin) 2 October 2018 18:23:37 A new study by the National Employers’ Rights Forum has found that there is a clear need for a human rights policy in the Irish economy.

The report, published by the group on Thursday, also found that “the current human rights framework in Ireland is inadequate, and that it does not address the issues that workers in the public sector face, particularly sexual harassment and sexual exploitation”.

The report found that Irish companies have a “systemic” problem with sexual harassment in their workforce.

It found that more than 80% of women and over 90% of men reported being sexually harassed or physically or verbally abused.

There was a wide range of sexual harassment, including physical assault, sexual touching, voyeurism, unwanted sexual touching and the threat of it, the report said.

The study said that “a number of organisations” in Ireland were working to change their human rights policies.

The Irish Employers Union said the report confirmed that the Government needs to address sexual harassment.

In a statement, the union said that the report confirms that the Irish Government is working to make the workplace safer and more inclusive for everyone.

The union said the Irish Department of Employment, Skills and Employment has received a report on the human rights of Irish workers.