Texas employers can hire more people from the U.S. without paying for them

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An increase in immigration from the United States is no longer a burden for some Texas employers, despite the state’s decision to limit their employees’ eligibility for state job-training programs.

State labor officials announced Friday that all non-U.S.-born students who work for companies in Texas who receive federal unemployment benefits or other government assistance are no longer eligible for job-tweaking assistance.

That means most Texas employers are free to hire people from abroad, and there is no limit to how many they can hire.

Employers have until May 31 to adjust their hiring practices to accommodate the increase.

They can also continue to provide job training to foreign workers and hire local employees without the state paying for it.

Employees who are U.A.E. workers or who have recently moved to Texas may be eligible for a federal job-loss assistance program that pays for a portion of their benefits.