Walmart to merge with

admin 0 ( has announced that it is teaming up with Walmart (www) to launch a new web platform,, that will offer online shopping to its customers.

The new platform will offer shoppers the ability to buy products online from Amazon, Target, and Walmart.


Me will be powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the first time.

“We believe we can help people find the best deals and products, and help them make the most of their time at Walmart,” said Doug Devens, vice president of Walmart’s customer experience, in a statement.

Walmart and Amazon have been in talks for months, but both companies have remained tight-lipped about the partnership.

The partnership will allow shoppers to purchase products and services through Amazon’s platform, without having to visit Walmart.

“This will give customers more choice and access to Amazon’s unmatched retail and technology expertise, and enable them to buy and shop online with Walmart,” Walmart said in a blog post announcing the partnership, which also includes an introduction to the new platform.

The Walmart.ME website will allow customers to shop for products from a wide variety of brands and categories, including apparel, electronics, and home goods.

The website will also be the hub for customer service and customer service representatives.

The two companies said the new partnership will help Walmart.

Com reach the “one million new customers” it expects to hit this year.

Amazon will use its own analytics to help Walmart improve its customer experience.

The company’s Alexa voice assistant will also help customers shop for and buy products from Walmart.

The announcement comes as Walmart and Walmart announced a new partnership, dubbed, to help the retailer grow its online presence and expand its reach.

The $13 billion deal between the two companies will give Walmart a 25% stake in Amazon’s online retail business.


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