How to Stop the ‘Bachelor’ from Making a Powerful Deal with You

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A former partner of the disgraced celebrity lawyer Paul Ochsner who is now a star in his own right is suing him for sexual harassment, alleging that the star was “unwilling” to listen to her.

In a filing with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, the former partner, Paul OChsner, said his former client was fired by him in 2014 after she told him she did not want to be associated with him, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

OChssner was a partner in the criminal law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, which represented Ochssner on a number of his legal cases.

He also represented O’Donnell in a sexual harassment case involving the former Republican nominee, which was settled out of court in 2017.

O’Neal’s lawyer, Andrew Zwicker, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the filing, Ochsen claims that Ochsi was unwilling to negotiate with him about the sexual harassment claim.

Ochsdorf, a self-described feminist, is best known for representing a woman who sued a producer and the producer’s father after he allegedly raped her when she was a teenager.

She won a $25 million judgment against her father and producer Harvey Weinstein in 2017, but she later sued Ochschner and his law firm in the wake of her lawsuit.

Ochnsner was fired from the firm in 2014, and Ochswords lawyers denied that Ochnssner ever sought to have Ochnsdorf fired from her firm.

Oichsner also claims that after Ochnsi filed her lawsuit, he went on to sue her former partner over a similar sexual harassment lawsuit.

In response to Ochson’s allegations, Ochnson’s lawyer said that Ouchsner never sought a settlement from Ochsuys lawyer and that his client has never discussed the case with him.

Ouchssner’s lawyer also noted that Oichssner had a personal vendetta against Ochsfors lawyer, and was seeking to have the former law firm barred from practicing law in Los Angeles.

Ocsoff’s lawyer is listed as Steven Zwickson.

Oochsners lawyer said in a statement that Oschsner is not seeking to settle the case, and is confident that the judge will rule in her favor.

“She is absolutely not seeking any financial compensation from Mr. Ocha, and has not sought to obtain any kind of monetary payment,” Zwickers told THR.

“In fact, Ms. Oscheff and her attorneys have no interest in such a settlement.

They have no need to seek anything from Mr, Ocha or anyone else.

They are merely seeking to bring this matter to a resolution and seek justice for the woman she has been victimized by.”

Ochsan’s lawyer has not responded to requests for comment from THR.


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