How to stop the #MeToo epidemic

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A new wave of anti-harassment campaigns launched by a female journalist and her husband have reignited concerns over sexual harassment in the workplace.

The campaign, dubbed #MeToGo, was launched by Jill Filipovic, a reporter for The New York Times, and her colleague, Michelle Cahn, who are both women.

The hashtag was first used by Cahn and her friend, Jessica Valenti, a journalist who has also reported on sexual harassment issues in Hollywood.

“I’m tired of the harassment,” Filipovic said in an interview with Vice.

“It’s so common, and it feels so unfair.

The whole idea that the women in this world, the women that I grew up with, are being harassed by these people, that I was raised in a home that was safe, and I’ve been through so much, is not acceptable.”

The hashtag has become a popular one on Twitter, with more than 150,000 tweets using it as of Wednesday.

“When you see that kind of stuff, you know, the world is in crisis,” Filipovi said.

“This is a new phenomenon, and the world needs to come together.”

The #MeTheThing campaign was created by the #WomenAgainstHarassment campaign, a collective of women who have come together to raise awareness about the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood and the tech industry.

They also say the campaign was designed to give women in Hollywood an outlet to vent about their experiences of sexual assault.

The women said that in recent weeks, they’ve been inundated with messages, threats, and abuse online.

“We’re seeing the internet as a place where it’s okay to speak out, but also as a space where you’re being called a bitch,” Filipic said.

Cahn said that she and Filipovi have been inundating Twitter with abusive tweets about the campaign, including a post from a man who called her a “pig” and “snowflake.”

She said that while they have been receiving abuse from people who are trying to silence them, they have also been receiving support from those who have shared their stories.

Filipovic and Cahn also said that the campaign is not about one specific company.

“They’re trying to get at the systemic problem,” Cahn told Vice.

The #MenAgainstHarassers campaign, which has a similar focus to the #MenInTech campaign, has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

“The goal is to take the power away from the men and empower women, and that includes the men,” Filipov said.

Filipovi also said the campaign has reached out to the police, but said they haven’t received a response.

“If the police came to us, we would have no power.

But we did our best to reach out to them and we got nothing,” Filipovich said.

The Women Against Harassment campaign has been criticized for focusing on one company rather than all of them.

“Women are not the problem, it’s the men who are the problem,” Filipos said.

One of the main reasons why women in the industry are speaking out about harassment is because of the work of others in the tech and media industries, like Cahn.

“Some of the stories are incredible and they really do deserve to be heard, and so we wanted to take their stories to the people who were the biggest victims of harassment, to help them be heard,” Cahan said.

As a result, the campaign launched the #NotAllMen campaign, in which people have said they would like to see a #MeAtWomen campaign.

“For the past few months, there has been a movement in tech and the entertainment industry to raise the visibility of sexual abuse, and we believe that there is an enormous amount of women working in tech that do not speak out,” Filipoi said.

She said she hopes that the #meathing campaign is a catalyst for the next wave of #MeAgainstHarasses in the entertainment and tech industries.

“These are stories that happen to women, that we all know happen to us,” Filipopis said.

You can read more about the #notallmen campaign on

#MeOnWomensTheThreshold A new #MeAfterToo campaign launched by #WomenInTech aims to raise $5 million to fight sexual harassment.

It aims to provide a platform to empower women to speak up about their own experiences of harassment and abuse, while providing resources to help survivors of harassment.

The platform, which launched on Wednesday, aims to give voice to women who are speaking up and are facing the harassment and discrimination they’ve experienced.

The organization has raised over $5.3 million in pledges for the #AfterToo movement.

“At a time when there is so much work to be done in our industry, #AfterEnough is a great way to raise money for survivors of sexual violence,” Jessica