How Wendy’s will change for the better

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A new era of human resources will be ushered in for Wendy’s in the coming months, with the brand now boasting a number of high-profile roles.

The Australian, New Zealand, UK and United States have all announced major changes to the company’s human resource strategy to reflect the digital age.

The changes come as Wendy’s looks to expand its footprint into the US, as well as launching a range of new brands in the UK, the United States and Europe.

It comes as the company prepares to announce a number new roles for staff and the launch of new websites and social media channels.

The company has been investing in its human resources team to bring the skills it needs to compete in an increasingly digital era, chief executive Paul McGowan said in a statement.

“In a digital world where digital and social are becoming the dominant technologies and platforms, we need to deliver a human resource that can support the growth of our brand, our brands, our people and our business.”

Mr McGowan also announced that the company would be creating a new human resources department that would focus on recruiting, retaining and retaining high-quality talent.

He said the new human resource department would be led by a “strong human resource director” with the responsibility to identify and hire the right people for the roles.

“This will include creating the right structure for staff to work with senior management and providing strategic guidance for our workforce,” Mr McGowan wrote.

“The department will include key areas of human resource, including HR and human resources management, HR planning, HR operations and human resource recruitment and retention, HR sales and marketing, HR finance and business strategy.”

Wendy has already revealed that it will hire an additional 20 to 25 people as part of the new HR department, as part in a bid to attract talent from the United Kingdom and Europe and from the US.

However, the new department will also be responsible for the recruitment of employees in the US and Europe, as Wendy plans to open a new store in the Washington DC area, in time for Christmas.

“We have committed to hiring up to 20 more people over the next three years in this new global team, and I am confident we will be able to hire and retain these employees as part with our strategy for our global expansion,” Mr McGlone said.

“Wendys global vision for the future and our commitment to providing a high-level of customer service, and supporting our employees in a way that is fair and ethical, has always been a top priority for us, and we have now seen that the global team we have created is a reflection of our culture and values.”

As part of our commitment we will now focus on the recruitment and hiring of more staff across the world, and will also recruit and hire our UK and European team.

“The human resources changes are expected to impact more than 100,000 staff in the company, which employs about 3,500 people.

However the company has said it will remain committed to its local workforce, and that its new recruitment policy will only apply to staff who are employed in the business in Australia.

The new changes come after the company was recently named the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world.

In its latest quarterly financial results, Wendy’s posted a rise in operating income of 6 per cent, or $1.5 million, to $1 billion.

The company reported a profit of $1 million in the three months to the end of December.

The brand has also seen a massive increase in sales since the beginning of the year, with a rise of 16 per cent to $10.6 million.

The business has also been growing fast in its US stores, with its new store opening in Dallas this month, and a number in the Houston area in early 2017.

Wendies US sales have risen by over 50 per cent in the past three years.



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