When a petco employee dies, the company says it’ll pay for it

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Petco will pay employees a death benefit worth up to $2,000 if their pet died on the job, and it plans to offer a $500 life insurance policy for employees who die.

But if the pet died in an accident, the benefits will be reduced to $500.

The petco human resource department is investigating the incident, Petco spokesman Scott Hock told Politico.

“It is a sad event that occurred on our property, but Petco has been extremely responsive to the petco employees family,” he said.

The Petco statement came as a reminder of the dangers of being on the wrong side of a bad situation when it comes to pet insurance.

The insurance companies policies can run up to more than $100,000 in cases of injury and death.

The company says Petco employees can access their own insurance policy through the company website.


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