Which job skills can I apply to?

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The U.S. Department of Labor said Thursday that it will require all employers to train their employees on human resources.

The change is aimed at boosting hiring and retention and ensuring that the federal government’s human resources workforce is better equipped to handle future technology-driven shifts, the Department of Agriculture said in a statement.

The changes are part of a $20 billion plan to help companies adapt to new technologies and the shifting landscape of work in the U.N. human resource system, which includes many senior roles, according to the statement.

“In recent years, the federal human resources system has been challenged by rapid technological change and changing roles,” said Heather T. Johnson, assistant secretary for workforce development.

“This plan will ensure that organizations can adapt to these changes, while also strengthening our ability to maintain the skills and competencies that will ensure we are able to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing environment.”

Companies will be required to train employees on what they need to know about HR in a variety of job categories, including information technology, operations, human resources, finance and marketing.

The agency has already taken steps to increase hiring by increasing training opportunities for people in these roles, including in areas such as human resource management and data analytics.