Work on new Northwell HQ is underway, with more to come

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The Northwell Human Resources Centre is a new office complex on the outskirts of Dublin, with the first two buildings designed to fit a current workforce of over 1,000.

The project was approved last month by the Dublin City Council and will cost an estimated €15 million.

The work will begin in late 2017 with the completion of the first building, with a second to follow.

The first buildings will include offices for the city’s public health service, gardaí, community and social services and public sector.

It is designed to house the department’s headquarters, which will also house the city centre offices.

The new office will also include the city council’s health, social care and the education and health sectors.

It will be the first of a series of offices to be built to replace the existing office buildings.

The city council says the new office has been designed to support the development of the city and the health and social care sectors.

The new offices will be built with an industrial approach, with space for an array of technology, including the development and installation of new technology to meet the needs of health, education and social work.

The design includes space for more than 1,600 employees, who will be employed at the city site from June 2019.

The buildings will house a large range of technology including a data centre, office space, a communications centre and a medical unit.

The site will also be used to provide training for the workforce.

The city council has also secured an environmental assessment and an application for an environmental permit.

The department is due to open in 2018.