Australian workers ‘disgusted’ by ‘hurtful’ comments about sexual harassment

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The Australian Human Resources Commission has accused employers of being “disgusting” by comments about the sexual harassment of workers by colleagues.

The comments were made by an HR officer on a company website in 2013, and were posted by a man on a dating site.

It is understood the man made the comments to an HR worker.

“I’ve had an extremely stressful day and I’ve been going through a very difficult period in my life.

I feel like a lot of people are looking for a scapegoat and I’m not one of them,” the HR officer wrote.

He said he was “embarrassed” by his comments and “sad” for his colleagues.

“I have a very close relationship with my manager.

And I’m embarrassed by it and sad about it.

I feel like it’s just so hurtful,” the man wrote.”

You don’t expect the person who you work with to be as bad as this.

There are lots of women out there who are really, really, extremely successful and they just want to be respected.”

The comments by the HR director, who is a woman, prompted the Australian Human Rights Commission to launch an investigation.

HRC president Michael Kirby said the comments were “disheartening” and “deeply disturbing”.

“HRC welcomes any complaint or inquiry into any human rights violations that may have occurred by any company, whether it be human resources or employment.”

In a statement, the HR commissioner said the woman who made the statement was an employee of a company she did not know and was “entitled to her opinion”.

“However, it was inappropriate and deeply disrespectful to this employee and she took action to seek the appropriate redress,” she said.

HR Commissioner Michael Kirby says the man’s comments were deeply disturbing.

“They are deeply disrespectful and hurtful.

They have no place in a workplace.”

The woman who spoke to the ABC on condition of anonymity said the HR worker made a number of comments on his Facebook page, including one that referred to her as “my friend” and another that referred a number the employee had slept with.

“He called me a ‘p***y’ and told me to go back to bed, I thought it was really, truly awful,” she told the ABC.

She said she had reported the comments directly to HR, but was told it would take several weeks to review the matter.

A spokesperson for the employer, J.D. Jones, said the company had contacted the Commission, and that “an appropriate process” was underway.

Mr Kirby said a report was expected within a week.

“We are appalled by these appalling comments and we will be taking the necessary steps to remedy them,” he said.

The man’s actions had been made public, he said, in order to help the employer with its investigation.

“Our HR department has also received numerous complaints from HR employees regarding the behaviour of the HR manager,” he told the program.

“It’s clear that the behaviour that the HR employee made on his personal Facebook page was deeply disturbing to the HR department.”


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