Google employee who took video of a human rights complaint at office accused of plagiarism

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Google employees have come under fire for taking a video of themselves taking a human right complaint at work and then uploading it to YouTube, a breach of the company’s guidelines for employee use of video.

Google employee Michael Cavanaugh posted a video on his YouTube channel Tuesday morning showing his wife in the office, wearing a pink shirt and matching pink shorts.

The video was removed the next day, but the video has since been reuploaded to his channel several times, showing his family in the kitchen.

“My wife is upset that I took this picture and put it up on my channel,” Cavanaugh said in the video.

“She has asked that it be taken down.”

A Google spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that Cavanaugh was fired, and that the company is “investigating the matter.”

“We are investigating the matter,” a Google spokesperson said.

“As a company, we take allegations of misconduct very seriously and work hard to ensure that our policies and practices are upheld.”

The video has garnered over 9.4 million views since it was uploaded to Cavanaugh’s channel on Tuesday, and it has been shared more than 15,000 times on his channel.

A Google representative said they were aware of the allegations and that Cerrance would be interviewed by Google Human Resources on Wednesday.

Cavanaugh has not yet returned Fox News’ request for comment.

Cavanaugh’s wife has also spoken out on the issue, saying in a statement to Fox: “My husband and I are in no way responsible for the way this video was made and uploaded to his channels.

Our only focus is our children and our family, and we are working to make sure that the image and video are taken down.

We understand the video is upsetting, but it is important for us to make it clear that our son is our only priority and that we are doing everything we can to ensure his safety and wellbeing.”

Cavanaugh is the fourth Google employee to be accused of taking a complaint on behalf of a colleague at the company.

A former employee of Google Ventures has filed a lawsuit against the company over the handling of the video, alleging that she was pressured into filing the complaint.