How to Get Ahead in the Job Market

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The average salary for the top earners in the United States rose to $1.8 million last year, according to a report released Wednesday.

That’s up 5.7 percent from 2014.

The median salary for earners with five or more years of experience rose to nearly $1 million, the report from the Economic Policy Institute said.

It also found that in the last 12 months, the number of jobs in the U.S. increased by nearly 3 million, or 14 percent.

The average hourly wage for the highest earners rose to just under $28 an hour.

The report comes amid a growing number of companies looking to recruit from outside the U and an uptick in automation.

While most workers have become accustomed to a steady stream of high-paying jobs, many are looking to get ahead in the labor market.

The report shows that in 2017, companies in the manufacturing sector lost 2.3 million jobs.

The trend is especially pronounced among women, who have been making less than men for decades, the institute found.

About 18 percent of those in manufacturing in 2017 were women, while only about 12 percent of workers in the service and food services industries were women.


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