How to win without your favorite QB: Revis is back for his old team

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We all remember the last time the Giants won a title in which a rookie quarterback was the star, a fact that helped drive the Giants’ season.

The team had three of the four best passers in the league at the time: Eli Manning, Josh McDaniels and Donovan McNabb.

The Giants had to get rid of them in free agency because they had already been gone for the past two seasons.

They also had to trade up in the draft because the No. 1 pick was not good enough to make the playoffs.

So they dealt for McNabb, a quarterback who could have played at a Pro Bowl level but couldn’t get a contract extension done.

And now they have Revis, who’s been playing great ball for his former team.

It’s a very good signing.

And Revis will help the Giants go toe-to-toe with the Patriots this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

What he does well: He’s a great athlete.

He can make throws and run routes, he has good balance, he can make tough catches.

But it’s about the physical part of his game.

The fact that he can get after the quarterback and run after him, the fact that, you know, the Giants offense has been a very physical, very physical football team.

His footwork is very fluid.

He’s got a lot of confidence.

His release is really good.

But his accuracy is where it needs to be, his arm strength, his footwork, his instincts, and he’s got to be able to throw it in the air.

He has a lot to do in terms of his consistency, and if he can be consistent, he’s going to be a great quarterback.

What’s next for him?

It’s very exciting to have him back with the team.

I’m very happy for him and for the organization.

He made the most of the opportunity to come back, and I think he’s had a very successful first season.

What are his expectations going into this matchup with the Pats?

He’s not a guy that can just sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

And you know what?

I think we’re going to have a very interesting game.

If he can continue to play the way he has been playing, he’ll be a very dangerous player.

So, you never know what you’re going for, and you never want to have an injury, but we have to see what happens.

But I’m confident in the players we have in the locker room.

He’ll be very excited about that.

And we’ll have a great game, and it’s going, we’ll see what he does.

And then I think his team will be very dangerous as well.

I know the Patriots are going to try to run the ball.

They’re a great team, and they’re going be very, very athletic.

How does the Patriots compare to the Giants this year?

The Patriots have had a lot more injuries.

The offense has not been the same.

They’ve had to run fewer plays.

But they have had to be better in every aspect of the game.

And I think that’s going.

And, you’ve seen that against the Giants, they’ve been very good at stopping the run.

I think they’re a very athletic team, a very explosive team, especially in the passing game.

What does it mean to be the team with the No, 4 overall pick?

Well, it means you get to go out there and play against the best.

And when you’re playing against the greatest football team in the world, that means you’re in the game for longer than you think.

You can’t be happy about being the No 1 pick, but you have to be excited about playing against them.