NHL players make $1.6 million in salary in 2015-16, but NHLPA says salaries for other employees should not be cut

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The Players’ Association of North America (PANA) says the players’ union should not cut the salaries of their employees without also cutting the salaries and benefits of other union members.

The union said the decision to make cuts was made by the NHLPA in an attempt to reduce union members’ share of the salary and benefits.

“This decision to cut salaries and other benefits was made without regard to the needs of our members or their families,” PANA President Mike Greenberg said.

“In fact, the NHL should be paying its players the wages they are earning.

They are not.

The NHLPA is the one that should be cutting the players salaries and the benefits of its members.”

Players’ union representatives made the announcement after negotiations with the NHL began.

The union also said it was not going to negotiate with the owners on player contracts or any other issues.

“The NHLPA and the NHL have come to the table with an agreement to keep the players out of the NHL until this situation is resolved, which is the next step,” Greenberg said in a statement.

“Players are asking for fair, affordable and reasonable compensation for their jobs, and the players and owners are at a stalemate.

This is not a bargaining strategy, and it is unacceptable for the players to continue to play by the same rules as the rest of us.”

The union said it would work with the players on a “sustainable” pay and benefits package.