Nordstrom has banned employee referrals for HR recruiter

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Nordstrom Human Resources is being banned from recruiting employees from other companies, and the company is taking the step after receiving complaints from employees who had found the recruiter referral service, Human Resources, was being used to contact other HR departments.

The ban comes after employees reported a recruiter service being used for personal inquiries and referrals from their HR departments to other employers.

Nordstrom said in a statement that the ban was made after receiving numerous complaints.

The company has not identified any employees who have had problems with the referral service.

Nordostan has already banned the referral link on its website and at its website.

Nordsthe company has also made changes to its human resources recruitment process.

The changes, announced in September, include removing the requirement to be hired by a recruitor, and replacing it with an online system that will let recruiters directly contact current employees and other employees from the company.

The human resources recruizer service has been a popular way to contact the HR departments of other companies and recruiters, as it is free.

Nordstar and other companies have also banned the referrals link, which can be used to direct people to other companies to get hired, from their sites.

This is the first time a major US retail company has made such a policy.

“In light of our investigation into this issue, we have decided to temporarily remove this link,” the company said.

“We apologize to all employees who were affected by this problem.”

The company also removed references to Human Resources on its site and in employee recruiting.

The removal of the referral system is being done in a phased manner, it said.

In the meantime, the company will not be using the referral process.

Nordstars statement said that the company has been working with HR departments across the company to address this problem.

“Human Resources is not the primary source of referral links that we use, nor are all HR departments linked to specific companies,” the statement said.

The policy also allows employees to direct their contact with HR to their personal contacts, “so they can reach out directly to the recruiters for a job offer.”

A spokeswoman for the company told the Financial Times that the referral referral system had not been a problem at Nordstrom before.

“It’s our policy to not use referrals,” she said.

Nordstrok, which owns Gap, Macy’s and Zara, is a part of Nordstrom Group, a private-equity company.


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