‘Rising death toll’ in Nepal after earthquake

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3,717 deaths in Nepal have been recorded in the past 24 hours, the latest news reports say.

The Nepal Medical and Scientific Service (NMSDS) said on Wednesday that the death toll was 3,771, with another 2,813 people injured.

It added that it was not possible to give figures for the rest of the country.

More than 1,000 people have been evacuated from the capital, Kathmandu, as a result of the earthquake, according to the Nepal Civil Defence Force (NCCDF).

A number of houses in the city have collapsed and a number of people have lost limbs, including a woman in her 40s who lost her arm and a 14-year-old boy who lost his legs.

The quake hit at 11.30pm local time on Monday, and a second quake, which struck just after midnight, was felt in neighbouring China.

It was the third earthquake of the year in Nepal, and the deadliest since the devastating quake in March that killed more than 6,000 and caused an avalanche in the country’s north.