Starbucks CEO: We’re not afraid to take risks

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Starbucks is no stranger to facing critics and criticism.

But on Monday, the company announced a series of changes aimed at bolstering its reputation in a rapidly changing economy.

In a post on its blog, CEO Kevin Johnson said the company would start to offer a variety of services and opportunities for people who need help and are looking for a place to turn.

Starbucks will also be more transparent about who gets paid for its products, and employees who earn more than $15 an hour will receive a bonus for doing so.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and the best products at the best prices, which means no matter how talented or hard-working you are, we can’t promise you that every job is going to be filled with talent,” he wrote.

“But we will continue to work hard to build a more competitive, competitive environment, and we will always look for ways to improve.”

In the coming months, Johnson said, the coffee chain will be introducing more of these types of offers.

Starbucks currently offers an online tool to help people who are struggling find work, as well as an application that allows people to request work and work remotely. 

The Starbucks announcement comes as the company’s stock is down around 40% in 2017, as it struggles to rebound from the recent spate of company scandals and earnings disappointments.

The company has been on a roll since it was founded in 1959, when it first opened its first store in a small San Francisco coffee shop.

Since then, the chain has grown to become one of the most successful chains in the world.


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