The Israeli HR chief who says Palestinian rights are ‘a political issue’

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A senior Israeli HR official has told The Jerusalem Mail that Palestinians are not the targets of the BDS movement, but of the occupation.

In a series of interviews with The Jerusalem Report, Maj. Gen. Rafi El-Kashani, the head of the army’s human resources division, said the BDS campaign is based on lies, that Palestinians’ rights are political and that Israeli citizens have a right to boycott products that are produced in occupied territory.

“The BDS campaign has been a tool of the colonialists,” he told The Israel Times in an interview published Sunday.

“It is a political issue for the occupation and the occupation is trying to use it.”

El-Kapari said Palestinians have not been denied a job because of their ethnicity, religion, or gender.

“They’re discriminated against.

They are not treated equally.

They don’t have access to services,” he said.

El-kashani told The Israeli Times that Palestinian employees who were discriminated against by the occupation were given the choice to leave the country, or to take part in the boycott.

The head of a military agency, the equivalent of the FBI, told The Times that the boycott is not against Israel’s national security interests.

“It is against the principle of occupation, and that’s why it’s a political question,” he explained.

“There is a need for Palestinian employees in Israeli military, in Israeli intelligence, in the intelligence services and in the army to boycott the occupation.”

He added that the BDS is a threat to the Israeli government and is not about freedom of speech.”BDS is a tool to try and force people to do what they don’t want to do, and it has failed to do that,” he added.

Elkashian said that the Israeli economy is in dire straits and that Israel is on the verge of a collapse.

He also defended the army, saying it is “very clear” that the army has been unable to deal with the ongoing Palestinian incursion into the West Bank, which is threatening the lives of Palestinians.

“You have to understand that when you’re a civilian army, there is a certain level of responsibility to take care of your soldiers,” El-kapari told The Israelis Times.

“The soldiers have been very loyal to us, and they will not do anything they don�t want to.”

Elkamis comments come days after El-Tahiri, a former army general, warned that the movement would not disappear without a fight.

El Tahiri said the boycott was a threat because it “threatens Israel and it threatens its national security, which in itself is a national security threat.

It is a danger to Israel and to the security of the state of Israel.”

El Taghiri also warned that boycotting products produced in the occupied territories was “the most powerful weapon” to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The Israeli government has responded to the BDS with harsh criticism.

The army, for example, told the Times that it does not condone boycotts and that any action that disrupts Israeli-Palestinian peace talks would violate international law.

El Kashani also told The Mail that the military is not going to abandon the boycott, saying the BDS was being used to delegitimize Israel and make it seem like it is not serious about security.

He told The Hebrew newspaper that the boycotts are not about the Israeli army, which has been the “keystone of the alliance between Israel and the international community,” but about a “hostile and extremist movement.”

“The real threat to Israel is the international BDS movement and its attempts to delegitimate it,” he argued.

“If they continue to promote this boycott, they will fail.”


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