The new BBC1 news website – for non-UK residents

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News of the new BBC News website has come as a welcome distraction for those living abroad.

BBC1 News will be launched on Tuesday, September 29, with a number of major news events including the Scottish independence referendum and the Olympics.

The website will be available in the UK and across the EU and is available in over 200 languages, with the primary navigation engine. 

BBC1 News has already been in operation in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

It will also be launched in India. 

UK-based News of The World and the News oftheWorld website have already been launched, but both have been criticised for their lack of local news. 

The BBC News team are currently working on plans for an international version of the website and have promised to make the site more widely available and more relevant to the wider world. 

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption BBC News is available from a variety of websites, including the BBC News app and the BBC iPlayer


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