When an old man comes to visit, how can I help?

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The Lad has the most important job in life.

In the year 1711, a man named Alexander is visiting the village of Togdoy, located in the district of Buryatia.

As soon as he gets here, he leaves for his own family’s home in nearby Bishkek.

As the Lad’s home is located within sight of a nearby river, the village has to be evacuated.

The Lad’s job is to make sure that nobody comes in contact with the villagers.

When the Lad is about to enter the village, he is confronted by two people from a nearby village.

The man says to the Lad: “I can see that you are an old, but you are a brave old man, and you have no fear of anyone.”

The Lad responds: “Yes, I am a brave, but I have no power in the world, and nobody can touch me.

What can I do?”

The old man replies: “Just ask me the question again.”

When the old man asks, “Are you the Lad?”, the Lad replies: No, I’m not.

Then the Lad says to his companions: “Ask your friends to go out and find you.”

The men go out to the nearby village and the Lad immediately returns home.

As his wife and children are waiting for him, the Lad tells them: “Go home.

You can come and see me tomorrow.”

The young man replies, “But I can’t do anything today.”

The wife says: “Don’t worry, the elders are waiting to meet you.”

And then the Lad responds to her: “If they don’t know you, how will they know you are not a liar?”

And then his companions answer, “You are the Lad.”

The story ends with the Lad in tears, telling them: I will not leave until my wife and daughters come home.

Lad was born into a family of two, one of whom was an orphan.

His mother and father were both killed in the war, and his mother died without a husband and father.

The village elder said that the Lad was the eldest child of two orphaned brothers, and he has been orphaned ever since.

The Lad is extremely brave, and so when he was in his late teens, he decided to become a soldier.

He had a lot of confidence in himself and the mission, but he was afraid to go on the battlefield.

In fact, he didn’t dare to do it because of the fear that he would lose his life.

After several years of training, he was finally able to complete his training.

In 1721, when the Lad went to Afghanistan, he went to the village where he lived for the first time.

He was told by a local woman that the village elders were waiting for a man to come and ask for the Lad.

He answered the woman’s question and said: “No, I will never leave.”

After hearing this, the villagers told him to leave, and the old Lad walked away from the village.


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