Deutsche Telekom AG: It’s not just humans who need to take a hike

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The German telecom giant is taking a much-needed vacation.

In a new update to its human resources website, the German firm revealed that it is planning to suspend the hiring of “sophisticated” employees.

The company, which has long faced criticism for having poor performance on social media, says it will be hiring a few thousand new employees, who will be paid on an hourly basis.

The update says that it will suspend the “socially responsible hiring” policy that it adopted in 2015.

This means that its hiring processes are no longer tied to a social media platform.

However, the firm’s statement also acknowledges that it plans to expand its social media presence and make its platform more attractive for hiring.

“We expect to introduce new features, like sharing information and creating video tutorials, to better connect with our global employees,” the update says.

“In the long term, we plan to expand our network of social media platforms, particularly on mobile devices, and to build a social network for the new generation of workers.”

Read moreThe move comes as the company prepares to launch its own social media service, which will use Facebook’s social network.