How to make sure your HR department is up to snuff in 2017

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By Emily WhitePublished May 01, 2017 12:59AMLEIGH BERRY, PRESENTER: There is a lot of talk about changing Australia’s corporate governance model in the wake of the scandals surrounding News Corp and News Ltd Australia.

And a lot more than just the headlines.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce is calling for changes to Australia’s current corporate governance structure and it is calling on all government departments and businesses to set aside some time to work on this important issue.

So what can be done to create a model that will encourage businesses to work together and maximise the benefits of their Australian workforce?

The Australian Chambers of Commerce has published a call for the changes it believes will improve corporate governance.

It says the Government should:• Ensure that all public agencies and departments have the power to act on their own agenda• Make it easier for companies to set up, operate and monitor their own corporate structures• Allow companies to hire, fire and sack staff on a merit basis without being bound by contracts or regulations, without any need for public approval• Ensure the Government has the power, authority and responsibility to intervene in matters such as governance or legal disputes to ensure they are in line with the law• Allow the Government to regulate and enforce laws that impact on the Australian economy• Allow business to compete and innovate with greater confidence and to set their own growth objectivesWhat do you think of the call for changes?

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