Why Emory is hiring in Italy

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Emory University has hired an IT expert to help the university in its recruitment efforts.

The hire comes just days after the university announced that it would hire more than 20 IT professionals from around the world, including four new hires in the US and four in Europe.

The hiring of the new hires follows a recent hiring spree by Emory.

The university announced in March that it had hired 100 people and will hire more staff in the coming months.

“Our focus is to be the most inclusive, technologically capable, and inclusive environment in which to be successful,” university president James M. Hall said at the time.

Emory will have around 500 IT employees in 2019, with most of them working in IT-related roles.

The university has hired about 300 IT staff over the last two years, according to the university’s website.

The IT hiring spree follows another one by Emry last month.

The school hired about 200 IT staff, mostly in engineering, to help with research and other technical projects, according a press release.

It’s not clear if the IT hires will replace the ones who were laid off by the university.

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