How to recruit a top talent from across Europe

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Dublin has long been known for its vibrant arts scene and the talent pool is still very much there.

But the city’s most promising talent, from artists and musicians to fashion designers and photographers, are now coming from across the Atlantic, and it’s a challenge that’s been compounded by the EU’s visa crackdown, which has left some artists abroad.

Today, the Irish government has announced a series of measures to help attract top talent, including a €10,000 bonus for the top two applicants and a new “sport hub” to help train talent in the US.

Dublin also announced an increase in its intake of foreign students.

The government says the increase is aimed at supporting the city to attract a “global talent base”.

“Dublin is a destination for talented artists, musicians, designers, photographers and filmmakers,” it said.

“It is also home to the largest concentration of international students in Europe and one of the world’s most dynamic art scenes.”

The city is well positioned to host an international and global future in the creative industries and we are making the best of our opportunities.

“A host of other measures, including making it easier for students to get visas and more money for the arts, will be put in place over the next few years.

Dubai is currently ranked 13th in the world for arts and culture, behind only London and Paris.