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When a petco employee dies, the company says it’ll pay for it

Petco will pay employees a death benefit worth up to $2,000 if their pet died on the job, and it plan

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Nikes is seeking 50 people to help build its human resources department in Toronto.The job posting, p

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has been investigating the practices of sever

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A new era of human resources will be ushered in for Wendy’s in the coming months, with the bran

When hiring ‘people of color’ , hiring ‘women of color,’ HR department says

When hiring people of color, hiring women of color and HR departments in America’s public secto

Why do companies pay for people to show up to their HR departments

When I was in high school, my parents wanted me to join a sorority.It was a group of girls who had be

How to avoid hiring ’em

Human Resources Director in the White — Dan Balz (@danbalz) Februa

U.S. companies say they are not investing in Estonia as expected

Companies that want to invest in Estonia said Tuesday they are unlikely to do so.U.S.-based companies

Disney CEO: We don’t know how much revenue we’ll see in Q2 2018

Disney CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday that it’s unlikely that the company will see revenue from new

Why you might want to use an iPhone as a HR tool

An iPhone is the one tool you can use to get a feel for how people interact with your company.It&#821